Strange as it may seem, but almost nobody in Russia can translate properly what Social Dances (SD) means because the word "social" in Russian language doesn't make total sense of its English definition which is much wider. That's why we're making this explanation on the first page of our site.
     SD unite people for whom a dance is the cause for communication, for which there isn`t enough time nowadays.
     'Club' or 'street' dances, much more known to the general public (hip-hop, rap, etc.), after all are individual, though in some way unite 'private' communities.
     In contrast to them, SD require wider contact between people, long joint pastime with common animation and, finally, SD are couple dances and this means something!
     Anyone indulged in SD will always find companions almost in any city and even town of the world. For this there's no necessity to know language, one should just be able to dance a little+ and new friends are guaranteed!

     In the South of Russia SD are represented in two directions - 'salsa' and 'tango' which are different communities with various music, traditions, parties, however many representatives of SD know each other and understand that they are alike in many things.
     The aim of site and forum on> is to gather all the communities of SD in Southern Russia.
     Here you can find all the necessary information concerning directions and clubs, where one can join us, advertisements about future arrangements and reports about the past ones, information about where and when parties take place. We also want to call your attention to Picture gallery which is taking a large place here. The photos don't require a language knowledge. You can place here the materials close to the theme . It can be either serious articles or anecdotes and jokes.

     This is not a club project. This is a common project for all SD representatives, whatever direction or club they present or for how long they are already engaged.
      This is not a commercial project. Commercial advertisement will always be prohibited on this site.
     This is a project for us to communicate more and to know each other better.
     That's why Social Dances exist.

     Paraphrasing old party motto - 'Representatives of Social Dances of all countries, unite!"