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     Site's team decided that there's no point to tell here, on the first page, about what salsa is. Those who know, know it as it is. And to beginners and curious persons we just advice to look through articles, pictures, go to the training to any club or to any party. It`s better to see it alive" at least once. But it's useful to get some information!

     Salsa appeared in Southern Russia in 2001 thanks to enthusiasm of the Vanushiny family - Gennady and Marina. Right then salsa-club Boogaloo was created. Today owing to it's founders, followers, large international arrangements carried on in Rostov ('Christmas parties, 'Third front') it is known not only in Russia, but also abroad.
     A bit later salsa also appears in Kuban region - in Gelendzhik and in Krasnodar. With efforts of Natalia Turchina (Gelendzhik) and Chernishov couple (Oksana and Dimitriy, Krasnodar) Salsa-Tonic and Salsa-Kubana clubs appears there.
     Today hundreds (if not thousands) of people in Southern Russia take a great interest in salsa. Boogaloo and Salsa Kubana clubs, staying the biggest, stopped being the monopolists when other schools appeared.
     Under the general idea of "salsa" in Southern Russia several schools are meant (information about them you can find by the according reference from the left). These schools considerably differ in music, choreography and stylistic of dances (it's salsa in styles 'casino' (aka cuban style), 'Los Angeles' and 'New York' and also 'rueda de casino'; merengue, bachata, cha-cha-cha).
     The presence of such a spread passion can't naturally exist without club parties. Today there are many places in Southern Russia where one can dance with pleasure in the evening. Information about such places is also from the left by the reference "dance floors". There can also drop in people who want to see and try!

     So, salseros and guests, welcome!