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TANGO-ON-DON      Alas not many people in Russia know that ball-tango hasn't much in common with real argentine tango, which is danced by both ordinary and well-to-do people in Latin America.
     Argentine tango is one of the most important and independent branches of Social Dance in the world for a long time already with it's own traditions and rules, clubs and parties ( milonges"), gathering sometimes several thousand people.
     Many people and clubs of ballroom dances made attempts to bring argentine tango to Rostov, but forming of separate club failed.
      First club 'Baile Vida' appeared in Rostov in 2005 thanks to efforts made by it`s founder Konstantin Kumy. The club in which salsa is one of the directions first of all is a tangeros club.
      Information about the club is by the reference on the left. Especially curious by the reference 'Dance floors' can find places, where rostov tangeros hold their parties.

     It historically established so in Rostov, that a lot of tangeros perfectly know people who dance salsa. And some dancers combine both styles successfully. Thanks to this fact relations between both directions of Social Dance in the Don capital are the most hearty!